Area of Development – Communication: Receptive Language

Indicators typical for a child between the ages of 3 and 5 for this area:

  • Listens with understanding and interest to conversations, directions, music, and a variety of reading materials
    • Responds correctly to questions about own name, sex and age
    • Understands size comparatives
    • Understands relationships expressed by “if,” “then,” or “because” sentences
    • Understands “let’s pretend” and “make-believe”
    • Listens attentively and shows understanding of story plot by responding to questions
    • Understands “today,” “yesterday,” and “tomorrow”
    • Able to follow several unrelated directions in proper order
    • Understands the meaning of more prepositions
  • Demonstrates understanding of conversations through own actions and responses to directions and questions
    • Anticipates correct response to statements regarding familiar routines
    • Knows where he lives (street name and number)
    • Understands colors and can identify basic colors when asked
    • Understands responses to “Hi” and “How are you?” and answers appropriately

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