Area of Development – Early Literacy: Print Awareness

Indicators typical for a child between the ages of 3 and 5 for this area:

  • Demonstrates interest in books and what they contain
    • Recognizes specific books by covers
    • Asks to be read to
    • Pretends to read
    • Makes comments and asks questions as story is read
    • Participates in rereading by supplying repetitive phrases
  • Understands how books work and the way they are handled
    • Recognizes when books are upside down or backwards
    • Turns books to correct orientation
  • Begins to attend to print in the environment, especially own name
    • Asks questions about printed name and letters in it
    • Recognizes printed name and attempts to print
    • Uses same purposeful scribbling when “writing”
  • Shows awareness that print conveys a message
    • Begins to look at and comment about the print as much as the pictures
    • Begins to “read” common signs and other print
  • Understands concept of spoken and written word and that alphabet letters have individual names
    • Recognizes printed name and those of siblings and playmates
    • Identifies some of the letters in own name
    • Routinely puts “name” on his or her own products
  • Shows interest in purposeful writing
    • “Writes” messages as part of play activities
    • Asks for help to make a list of things or write a note to someone special
  • Shows good understanding of conventions of print
    • Uses book reading conventions: “reading” front to back, turning 1 page at a time, looking from top to bottom of page, pointing left to right
  • Demonstrates good word awareness, calls attention to print in the environment, and recognizes some common words
    • Identifies familiar words in books and in environment
  • Routinely engages in purposeful reading and writing
    • Includes reading and writing activities in dramatic play
    • Initiates writing notes to people
    • Shows pride in writing attempts

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