Area of Development – Fine Motor

Indicators typical for a child between the ages of 3 and 5 for this area:

  • Uses hands with increasing control and precision for a variety of purposes
    • Easily grasps hold of writing tools such as pencils, crayons, paint brushes, and markers
    • Continues to fit together a wide variety of manipulatives such as connecting blocks, pop beads, stacking rings, bristle blocks, etc.
    • Shapes play dough or clay into more intricate/representational creations
    • Continues to experiment with scissors
    • Experiments with fitting a variety of objects into a defined space
    • Continues to experiment with building and designing familiar structures with blocks
  • Uses strength and control to perform simple fine motor tasks
    • Uses simple equipment such as stapler, paper punch, scissors, tape dispenser
    • Uses simple work tools such as hammer, screwdriver, and saw
  • Uses eye-hand coordination to perform fine motor tasks
    • Uses play dough to make more refined objects
    • Begins to hold pencil with a pincer grasp
    • Puts together large floor puzzles
    • Constructs block structure by copying or using pattern blocks
    • Uses scissors to cut on a line or around a large picture

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3 thoughts on “Area of Development – Fine Motor

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